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Media Coverage and Community Outreach

Over the years we have had the great privilege of having our research covered by numerous media outlets and have had the opportunity to share our research findings and theories with a broad public audience.

Some curated examples of these are presented here (organized by research theme)

Addiction Research Program: Opioids and Nicotine

My TEDx Talk: Finding the Brain's Addiction Switch

opioid switch.png
opioid switch2.png
opioid switch3.png
nicotine switch.png
nicotine switch2.png

Cannabinoid Research Program

See our Lab Featured on CBC's Marketplace

Our interview on THC Live

Public Outreach at the Oxford County City Hall in Woodstock, Ontario

Interview on TVOntario's "The Agenda"

pot and pain.png
ctv pot.png
time magazine.png
CAN ad.png

PTSD Research Program

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